Why should We list on PandaSols?
By listing on PandaSols you are able to connect with many prospective buyers across geographical boundaries, which traditionally were not available or accessible due to different locations  The leads generated by listing enable you to focus more on transaction rather than on searching.

JV/Outright Realty Deals do not happen on the internet
How about giving it a TRY and experience it and then decide.  

Realty Deals happen due to Personal Connect
For personal connect to be effective , The buyer atleast has to be interested, that is dependent on their internal parameters.

One has to give documents to the buyer for evaluation/interest
The buyer needs to do some preliminary commercial analysis, to take up a transaction, give them an online opportunity to do it. 

Going online will expose the deal to all
The seller/agent is listing the data , so it is at their decision what to list and what to hold.

Why so much data?

The buyer has to have the ability  to take preliminary decision, the data requested covers those basic elements required to show preliminary interest.  The Buyers are located across various cities.Transparent,Clear and precise data removes clutter and enables the buyer to take preliminary commercial decision. This enhances the scope of conversion of the transaction. PandaSols is not a classified listings website.

What if there are changes after listing?
The recent the updation , the more the chances of getting a buyer interest. You are free to make changes  to the listing based on changes of the facts.

How relevant is the listing?
The data is listed directly by the Seller/Agent, Pandasols provides the platform and if requested guidance for the listing and the relevant supporting to be forwarded to the interested buyer  In the event of the listing entering a transaction mode, it is removed from display The Seller/Agent is encouraged to update the listing as and when there is a change in the facts 

How does the connect happen?
Based on the enquiry by the Buyer, 
PandaSols connects with the Buyer and briefs them. Based on the interest PandaSols connects the Buyer and the Seller. The clients then either free to take the transaction to the next level or seek PandaSols services on Mandate basis.

Why can’t I see the name or contact number? How do I contact them?
If you are interested in any listing  , you are connected to the 
Seller/Agent through email, based on the profile created.You are then free to exchange information based on your connection. 

How can I be sure about privacy and confidentiality?
We understand the level of confidentiality required in strategic transactions and we strive to provide a safe and secure experience for our members. Please review our privacy policy.

Why is the profile required?

Creation of profile lends genuinity to the subscriber. As we keep updating our portal we intend to map your profile inputs to match the listings and services displayed on your dashboard One can be a buyer, seller or a service provider in a single subscriber profile.

Is it compulsory to give a mandate to PandaSols to handle a transaction?
No, the buyer and seller are free to take the transaction to the next level based on their comfort. However, we do charge a introducer’s fee once you successfully close a transaction.